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CEA, LLC offers one-to-one coaching for advocates. This service is recommended for professionals that are currently working with clients.


Coaching is available at an hourly rate or as part of a subscription plan featuring reduced rates and inclusion on a client referral list.



Coaching Includes:

  • Guidance in how to efficiently and effectively complete comprehensive record reviews

  • Assistance in interpreting evaluation reports

  • Sessions focused on how to strategically achieve client goals

  • Support in devising an approach for successful school meetings

  • Referrals to experts who provide educational consultations or evaluations

  • IEP review feedback such as: does the IEP include valid present level/baseline information, project appropriately ambitious and measurable goals and objectives, have adequate accommodations and modifications, etc.

  • Tips on how to ensure what is agreed upon in a PPT is implemented with fidelity

  • Resources for continued professional development 



Call or email to schedule a free 30 minute consultation 

I needed assistance on a complex case.  Kathleen provided the focus and strategy that proved successful.  Thanks for the help!


The sheer volume of records was overwhelming.  Kathleen assisted in organizing them, and devising next steps that resulted in significant success for my client.

As a relatively new advocate having coaching was invaluable. It saved me hours of research and increased my confidence in meetings. I need less support now, but when I need it, I still find the sessions extremely helpful.


I had a long career in education and started an advocacy service after recently retiring.  Having access to someone with such detailed knowledge made it possible to quickly ramp up. The cost was more than offset by the referrals I received.

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